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 Hagen (-Raurich) Annita Kreuzlingen Geschenkkarten Hagen (-Raurich) Annita

Hauptstrasse 23 8280 Kreuzlingen 09.09.2013 Hagen (-Raurich) Annita tel:+41716460430 mobile:+41716460430

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Hagen (-Raurich) Annita Hauptstrasse 23 Kreuzlingen
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Annita Hagen was born in 1963 and is 50 years old. To scan info like relatives, aliases, and past residences, browse PeopleFinders. peoplefinders.com
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Il Luogo dei Ricordi di Annita Grandolfi. 3. Elenco omonimie per: Grandolfi Annita ... Anita Hagen; Annita; Country Count of Annita Rank in Country; Global: 2209 ... eupse.it
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Telefonbuch Hagen, Fahrenbecke Unter der Adresse: Fahrenbecke in Hagen nach Namen suchen. Finden Sie die Suchergebnisse auf telefonbuch-suche.com telefonbuch-suche.com
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Annita II. Köster. ... Sitemap © Schützenverein Hagen-Holthausen Login Webansicht Mobile-Ansicht Logout | Seite ... sv-holthausen.de
sv-holthausen.de KÖNIGSPAARE - Schützenverein Hagen-Holthausen, Hagen

Anita is a common given name for women. The name is the Spanish version of Anne. In Hebrew, Anita derives from the name Hannah which means grace or graceful ... wikipedia.org
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